PicTacs want you to be free from holes!

A new invention creates the quick & easy way for you to display your Pictures

Atlanta, Ga. – Aren't you sick and tired ruining your photos and artwork with holes just to quickly mount them on your bulletin board? Be a slave to your Thumbtacks and Push Pins no longer! PicTacs, the newest and most inventive cork-board fastener out on the market today leaves your treasured display free of holes, - quickly and perfectly mounted.

The beauty is in the simplicity of this international patent-pending product: a clear plastic strip connected by two short pins with easy grip tops, and that’s it! With its sleek design and effortless use, PicTacs are the best way to let your memories show through. Post your pictures on a bulletin board, or prop your holiday cards for all to read, PicTacs is clearly the Smart tack.

Perfect for photographers, artists, students, teachers, businessmen, scrap bookers, collectors and you, this is an essential item to display whatever you enjoy without the fear of ruining it. Get excited about your materials and celebrate them by showing them off.

It is an inspiring world and here at PicTacs, we want you to design, collage and construct fun pictures and artwork. Get motivated, create it and present it, just don’t ruin it! Whatever you want displayed, tack it up and take it down without holey interference!

Use: Tac up anything flat and fabulous. Photographs, Cards, Posters, Tickets, Letters, Artwork, Receipts, Office displays. A 17 x 27 inch print on canvas mounts easily and a 3 x 5 photo is a no-brainer, If you want it up, PicTacs will keep it up. So, display your material with pride, sans holes.

PicTacs was created as a response to the “hole” in the cork-board market for friendly picture-tackers. Founder and designer Alicia Kay Gelfond-Holtz, a photography enthusiast, invented her product after attending a photo class where she was faced with the question of putting holes in her artwork, to put it up for display. And so, a friendly Picture Tac was born. PicTacs believes in the preservation of your projects and memories for you to enjoy for all time!

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