Let's start where most stories don't: half way in. Why here? Because that's where PicTacs was created, half way into my life. I'll admit it, I was a photo junkie (guilty as charged) and I was taking photography classes to improve my skill. In the local photo school, there was a display room (a.k.a. give-it-your-best-shot room) where us wannabe artists put photos on the wall for all the school to see. Finally the day happened–I had a picture worthy enough for others to see (trust me, it took time to get there). I shot it, photo-shopped it, and printed it all by myself. I walked into the "display" room to post my original picture and looked around. All the other photos were put up with Thumbtacks or push pins. I didn't want to put a hole in my picture; I finally had one worth showing! Framing was not an option. But what was my alternative? I didn't want my picture destroyed with sticky stuff or holes. I was sure there was something else I could easily use. So I went to multiple office and supply stores (Office Max, Office Depot, Home Depot, Target, Michaels art supply & others) looking for something to easily put up my photo without damaging, changing or obstructing it. Nothing. I saw how other people tried to solve the same dilemma. How pathetic!

That was when I decided to make my own. My first renditions earned me laughs from my children and husband, but their feedback was invaluable. After several reworking's I got it right, My first Picture Tac. Back at school a couple of students asked if I had extras. Of course if I needed something like this, others would need it too. That's when I felt good about this new Picture Tac. It wasn't until my husband, a successful business man, encouraged me to Patent these new Picture Tacs that I started to get my confidence, and PicTacs, the first of our Picture Tac family, was born. The process has been eye opening and alot of fun ever since. Not only did we live happily ever after, but the photo school has switched to using my PicTacs!

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