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You've done it...watched your precious memories get holey, and not religious mind you; ruined. After years of taping, Pushpins, and that unnatural putty goop (that doesn't hold anyway), you've probably given up on your casual wall displays. And that's OK because we didn't. The Photo Fairies sprinkled some dust on us, and whalla, we discovered PicTacs!!

PicTacs cradle your fine artwork, photographs, posters and scrapbooking keepsakes without the need for heavy frames, tape, or thumb tacks. Use PicTacs on walls, cork board, or bulletin boards and enjoy liberation from perforation once and for all. Honestly, we have electric powered cars and satellite tracking phones, did you think the pushpin is the best we could do?

So, if your latest images remind you of swiss cheese, Call (770) 403-7200 or Email us to purchase PicTacs, ask questions, or inquire about wholesale quantities and rates.


How are you using PicTacs? VIsit our PicTacs Create and Share gallery and submit a photo so we can see how you use PicTacs. With each submission, you'll be automatically entered into a contest to win $100.00!

  Click here to see how the Showcase School of Photography in Atlanta, GA is using PicTacs!
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